Assessment & Accountability

The goal of the Assessment and Accountability Department is to provide student assessment data to schools, parents and students and to provide leadership and support to other stakeholders.

Student assessment data drives decision making at every level of educational programming. The Assessment and Accountability Department provides quality student assessment services to schools including the administration of standardized tests and the scoring and reporting of achievement data. Other services include training in school accountability data and use of assessment data.

1008.22 Student assessment program for public schools
Assessment results for all statewide, standardized assessments must be made available no later than June 30, except for results for the grade 3 statewide, standardized ELA assessment, which must be made available no later than May 31.


Linda Peirce
Supervisor of Assessment & Accountability
Phone: 352-797-7051 ext. 465


Jessie Jones
Assessment Assistant/Deployment
Phone: 352-797-7051 ext.458


Lisa Murray
Assessment Office Clerk
Phone: 352-797-7061 ext. 277
Donna Reilly
Coordinator of Student Data Quality & Reporting
Phone: 352-797-7051 ext. 103


Michele Diluzio
Data Quality & Integrity Specialist
Phone: 352-797-7051 ext. 456


LoisAnn Galarneau
Data Quality Assistant
Phone: 352-797-7051 ext. 276